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Case Management

When you are hospitalized, you and your family often need support. This support can take a variety of forms. From arranging for a transfer to a long-term care facility, to making arrangements for home healthcare, the St. Mary’s Medical Center Case Management Department can help.

Each unit in the hospital has a dedicated case manager assigned to its patients. These case managers work closely with physicians and the rest of your healthcare team as liaisons and advocates to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care and support.

For further information, contact us at 816-655-5614

Meeting Your Needs

Here are just some of the services provided through St. Mary’s Medical Center’s Case Management Department:


Everyone reacts differently to illness and sometimes patients and/or family members have a hard time coping with what is happening. A trained social worker meets with patients and family members to provide compassionate support and help them adjust to the circumstances they are experiencing.

Discharge Planning

Case management works collaboratively with physicians to facilitate timely discharge or transfer to an alternative level of care. When a patient is able to be at home but requires extra help, case management can assess the patient’s needs and eligibility for home health and other community resources. If a patient is unable to return home immediately, case management can help plan a transfer to a skilled, intermediate or residential facility. Arrangements also can be made for patients with special needs in the areas of rehabilitation, mental health, substance abuse, etc., to transfer to appropriate facilities for follow-up care.

Information, Education and Referral

There are a number of community agencies which can provide special services. The Case Management Department has access to many types of agencies and can refer patients and their families to agencies that may be helpful for support and education. Case Management also can provide information on advance directives, living wills and durable powers of attorney for healthcare decisions, if appropriate.

Rehabilitation Support

Case Management works with patients in the hospital’s rehabilitation units undergoing extensive physical, speech and occupational therapy who often need a unique level of support. Dedicated case managers are available to provide emotional support and coordinate conferences with the patient, family members, therapists and nurses to discuss the recovery program and the transition to home.

For More Information

There is no fee for case management services. If you or a loved one is hospitalized and don’t know where to turn, call the Case Management Department at 816-655-5614 and schedule an appointment to talk with a case manager.

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