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Event Recorders

If you have recurrent symptoms, such as dizziness, chest pain, palpitation or fainting spells, an Event Recorder can help determine if these symptoms are caused by an arrhythmia.

New technology now being used at St. Mary’s Heart Center is making it easier for patients with heart rhythm disorders. A small loop recorder is inserted under the skin of the chest. The recorder continuously collects information about a patient’s heart rhythm and automatically makes an ECG recording when an arrhythmia occurs.

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The recorder does not require any leads to the heart and can record a heart’s rhythm for a few months, to a few years.

Other, more traditional recorders also can record heart rhythms. They are similar to an EKG/ECG. You can wear the recorder over a period of 14 -30 days, while you go about your usual daily activities. When you feel symptoms, you press a record button and the event monitor records and stores up to five events of your heart’s electrical activity. The Event Recorder is about the size of a pager. You can clip it to a belt, your pants, or place it in your pocket. Two electrodes (sticky patches) are worn on your chest. A wire attaches the electrodes to the Event Recorder. The Event Recorder is worn day and night, and continuously scans your heart’s electrical activity.

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