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January WOW Award Winner

The following is the content of a text I received from a friend of mine at church who wished to thank us for the wonderful care that Nurse Laura Meyer showed to her during her Cardiac Rehab days here at St. Mary’s Medical Center. I felt like I could not let this go without at least requesting that Laura be a recipient of the WOW award after I read what this patient/my friend had to say about her. I have the privilege of working with Laura daily in Cardiac Rehab/Cardiology and I see day in and day out the wonderful care and attention that she gives our patients. Please read the following message that was sent to me by this patient. “Nurse Laura Meyer RN in Cardiac Rehab at St. Mary’s Medical Center is the cardiac rehab nurse that first told me I had an early heartbeat. It’s common so no one else ever mentioned it. So I had these strange feelings in my chest and never knew why. When my cardiac nurse practitioner didn’t bring it up at my next visit, I asked her about it. From our conversation she put me on a 30-day monitor that showed 4 heart arrhythmias. That info got me a visit with an electrophysiologist who said after looking at my monitor results, you are classic for sleep apnea and sent me for a sleep study. That’s where we found out my apnea wasn’t obstructive but central and because it was severe, he believed it caused my heart attack and I was eligible for this Remede implant that now makes sure I am breathing at night while I’m sleeping. I’ve wanted to thank Laura ever since but just haven’t had the opportunity. Maybe you can pass on my thanks to her.”